How it works

Teal's objective in the Design Collaboration process is to provide information that will aid the architect
and engineering team in the creation of complete construction documents as it relates to the hot water system. Teal will provide, own, and manage the Teal System equipment under a long term agreement with the property owner and will work as part of the design team to deliver a high quality long term hot water solution for the project.


The Teal process begins with our team developing
a set of early conceptual drawings. These preliminary recommendations include equipment sizes, customized Teal room layout, potential room location, and a hot water distribution piping concept. Preliminary designs are provided in PDF, CAD, or Revit formats. As the project design process continues, our team will provide working drawings, continuing to refine the details to fit the client's overall objective.


Teamwork and communication are key components throughout the design process. We ask our clients to include the Teal Design Team in the distribution of each plan update and/or revision ( We will review each release from design development to permit to construction.

We will apply the Teal Quality Process as we review each plan set to help insure that the project's bid and construction documents are complete with regard to the hot water system.


After every review, our team will offer additional recommendations as needed to assure that the customized hot water system caters to the needs of each project.


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