TEAL Aquatherm applies the traditional concepts of vertical hot water management to a system that combines hydronic space heat + domestic hot water by utilizing a shared equipment package and shared hot water distribution piping. In other words, a water heating and piping system that delivers potable hot water and hydronic space heating.


All the benefits of the standard TEAL System plus Aquatherm hydronic heating. TEAL Aquatherm is a little more complex than the traditional TEAL System. We would like to tell you about its benefits in person. Please drop us a note or give us a call.

Lower Construction Cost

Instead of purchasing individual water heaters for each unit, the developer only purchases one unit for the entire property.

Lower Operating Cost

There are no maintenance costs during the 15-year term agreement other than the owner’s ongoing cost for the TEAL Aquatherm agreement which is only $500 per year for the entire property.

Resident Savings

Our systems utilize a highly efficient central boiler system in lieu of less efficient high volume water heaters in every unit.

Environmentally Friendly

The TEAL Aquatherm System uses significantly less energy, has lower emissions, requires 75% less materials to construct, and lasts for 20-30 years (versus having to replace a hot water heater every 5-10 years).


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The TEAL System: When You Only Need a Hot Water Solution.

TEAL Aquatherm