A new paradigm in chill & hot water central plant management

Teal BoxPlant takes the traditional Teal concepts of vertical hot water management to a new level. BoxPlant is a true cloud- based central plant for chill and hot water systems. Now there is no need to purchase, maintain, repair, or manage the central plant equipment for your next project.

This cloud-based central plant utilizes Teal's 24/7 Virtual Supervisor, which incorporates the monitoring of critical point plant functions with advanced artificial intelligence (Teal A.I.). The Virtual Supervisor will triage, diagnose, and implement corrective actions for most system anomalies. Teal A.I. continues to evolve through Deep Learning as system data constantly flows into our Houston based control room. The Virtual Supervisor is supported 24/7 by our team of Quality Process Coordinators and Technicians. Your plant management will operate at a level that would be impossible to match with traditional human resources alone.

Our technicians make regular onsite plant inspections which inlcude our predictive maintenance process. If needed, we stand ready with 24 hour on site emergency response. The integration of technology, redundancy, and a very specialized management system allow us to provide extraordinarily high operating performance (virtually zero downtime) at a very low cost to the owner and the developer.


  • Lower

    Construction Costs

    BoxPlant will subsidize the construction cost associated with your central plant and will eliminate the need for water heaters in each unit. This often adds up to a 7 figure construction savings.

  • Lower

    Operating Costs

    With BoxPlant, the property owner will not need a dedicated central plant manager on staff and will never post expenses for plant equipment maintenance or repair. Additionally, the owner avoids potential property damage from water heaters that leak or fail catastrophically.

  • Improved

    Profit, NOI, & ROI

    Lower operating costs, a green solution, and better leasing performance will improve Net Operating Income. Lower construction costs and higher NOI improve Return on Investment.


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