Developer FAQs

How will you work with the construction team through the design and installation phase?

We will work closely with your plumbing engineers and architects to incorporate the TEAL System into the building plans. Once the boiler room is built, we will handle installation of the TEAL System and hook ups to the plumbing system. The builder maintains responsibility for all plumbing and piping throughout the property. See the Design Collaboration brochure under our Resources Section.

Where do the large construction savings come from?

With the TEAL System, you eliminate the need for individual water heaters in each unit. This also eliminates plumbing trim, electric trim, and reduces the overall electric service to the property. You must add back cost for hot water loop piping, plumbing back flow preventer, boiler vent, and a few other miscellaneous costs, but the net savings are still substantial.

What are reasons not to use the TEAL System?

In a property where all utilities are paid by the owner, the economics are not as favorable as our estimates indicate. The TEAL System performs best on sites where natural gas is available to use as the hot water energy source.

How do we make money?

The resident receives a charge for a small boiler management fee in their monthly water and gas bill. This fee is generally more than offset by the energy savings the resident will see from using our cloud-based natural gas system in lieu of electricity to heat water. Everybody wins!

Who owns the TEAL System?

We own all of the TEAL System and we are responsible for its maintenance; as well as, operation. The property owner owns the hot water piping network and is responsible for its maintenance.

What kind of agreement is there?

The property owner enters into an agreement with us, which has a 15-year term. There are no water heaters or hot water equipment for the owner to purchase and all maintenance is provided by us. There is a low $500 annual fee for the entire property plus the boiler management fee which is normally billed to the resident in their water and gas bill. The owner pays taxes and names us as additional insured on the property’s policy.

Who else offers a system like this?

The TEAL System is unique, no one else offers anything like this.

How do I contact you for more detailed information about the TEAL System?

Call 1-866-637-0100, email us at, or submit a request for a call back on our Contact Us page.

Property Management FAQs

What if we have an emergency?

Because we are monitoring your system 24/7 we will most likely know of any problems before you notice them. If a problem does arise, we have a 24-hour emergency service number, 1-866-637-0100. Rest assured that if a problem arises, our service team will be on it ASAP.

What contact will the management staff have with the TEAL Team?

The TEAL Team is always available to consult with you on any hot water needs. We will provide onsite orientation to the leasing team, management, and maintenance staff before you begin utilizing the TEAL System on the property. We will provide a follow-up orientation when we start the equipment 2 to 4 weeks before the first unit is occupied. We will check in by phone the first day of occupancy and 1 week following. Our PM Service Tech will be on site bi-monthly performing scheduled predictive maintenance, checking in and out with the staff each visit. A TEAL account manager will also contact you annually for a project review. Finally, you will be contacted by us anytime there is a service flag indicating a potential problem with your system.

Who maintains the water conditioning?

We provide and maintain water conditioning as part of the TEAL System. Although the owner and residents may enjoy some benefit from this hot water conditioning, it is provided solely to enhance the operation of the TEAL Equipment package and should not be relied upon by the owner or residents for any reason or benefit including the protection of hot water distribution piping or fixtures connected to the hot water system.

Do residents think the TEAL System has value?

YES, THEY DO! Check out our testimonials to see what our users have to say.

Who do we contact with questions?

Call 1-866-637-0100, email us at, or submit a request for a call back on our Contact Us page. Once you become a TEAL user you will have an account manager dedicated to you and your property.

What does zero downtime really mean?

ZERO Downtime may be the most serious commitment we make to TEAL users. We are so serious about ZERO Downtime that we post our success rate on our homepage for all to see. In practice, this is accomplished with specially designed backup components networked into every TEAL System property, so if one fails, you will still have hot water. In addition, we are onsite providing predictive maintenance service every 6 to 8 weeks. We continuously monitor system dynamics through a sophisticated remote energy management control system, looking for variances which may indicate a problem is developing. We link every system to a 24/7 fault failure alarm monitor. In short, we design in redundancy then check, double check, and check again. We are committed to ZERO Downtime.

Who maintains the system?

Through our ZERO Downtime Commitment, we are responsible for all maintenance and system monitoring. All these costs are covered as part of the Boiler Management Fee included in the resident’s water and gas bill.

Where is the TEAL System?

The TEAL System is located in one dedicated room, which is typically positioned at a central point on the property. In a high rise, it is generally in the penthouse, and, in a mid-rise, it is generally at the top of the parking garage. Most projects require a 16′ x 28′ space or less.

Where do operating savings come from?

The operating savings come from the elimination of individual electric water heaters and related maintenance, repair, and replacement costs over the 15-year term of the agreement. These costs can vary with the quality of equipment, water conditions, and maintenance practice. To find out how much your property could be saving, request a Project Savings Report and we'll create a custom savings analysis.

How can you provide unlimited hot water?

Every system is engineered with plenty of extra capacity. The heating capacity of the TEAL System is so great that any resident can use as much water as he/she desires and never run out.

How is the resident billed?

The resident is billed a small Boiler Management Fee included as a separate line item in their monthly water and gas bill.

What kind of agreement is there?

The agreement has a 15-year term. We provide the equipment, monitoring, and all maintenance associated with the equipment. There is a low annual lease for the equipment, plus the Boiler Management Fee billed to the resident in their water and gas bill. The owner pays taxes and insurance.

Who else offers a system like this?

The TEAL System is unique, no one else offers anything like this.

How do I contact you for more detailed information about the TEAL System?

Call 1-866-637-0100, email us at, or submit a request for a call back on our Contact Us page.

Resident FAQs

If I don’t have a water heater, where does my hot water come from?

Each apartment unit is connected to a network of piping which receives hot water from the TEAL System. Each TEAL System is located in or near your building and is large enough to produce unlimited hot water for your entire complex.

Why do I pay a boiler management fee?

All the benefits of the TEAL System are included in your Boiler Management Fee. Some of these benefits include reduced energy costs, unlimited hot water, zero downtime, and a greener hot water system.

How does the TEAL System save me money?

The TEAL System reduces energy costs by using a very sophisticated natural gas network to deliver hot water to your apartment. This network is vastly more efficient than traditional electric water heaters found in most apartments. In many cases, reducing energy costs by more than 50%.

Who do I pay?

The Boiler Management Fee is billed as a separate item on your water and gas bill.

Why is the TEAL System better than a water heater?

Our system eliminates the water heater from your home and connects your faucets and plumbing fixtures to a cloud based network. This network offers an endless hot water supply, lower energy costs, an overall environmentally safe product, and the peace of mind that your system is being monitored for any issues.

Why am I charged for natural gas?

We use an energy efficient natural gas to heat your hot water. You receive a bill for your allocation of natural gas usage. Using natural gas as an energy source generally results in substantial savings when compared to standard electric water heaters.