The TEAL System is a vertical hot water management solution that is a win-win-win for developers, construction managers, property managers, and residents. The TEAL System is completely owned and maintained by the TEAL team (Boiler Management Ltd.). We are a management system comprised of 7 elements that offer support in every step of the process. This includes our cloud-based equipment with 24/7/365 monitoring technology, allowing the TEAL team to ensure ZERO downtime and high energy efficiency. The TEAL System offers endless, reliable hot water: while saving everyone money, time, and energy. The hot water heater in the cloud.


Decreased Up-Front Construction Costs

When a multifamily developer chooses the TEAL System over conventional, electric hot water heaters in every unit, the construction savings are dramatic with no water heaters to buy or install, and a cloud-based TEAL System which is virtually free.

No Stress & Convenient

The TEAL System is owned and operated by the TEAL Team, meaning the property owner will never pay for maintenance or replacement of hot water equipment of any kind. Plus, system redundancy, 24/7/365 IOT Monitoring, and regular onsite predictive maintenance allow us to deliver an amazing 99.999% uptime.

Residents Save

Residents receive an unlimited supply of conditioned hot water while reducing energy costs every month.


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TEAL Aquatherm: Your Solution to Gas Space Heating.

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